Watch Videos on the Boom, Slum & Betterment of Real Estate Industry

‘Build It And They Will Come’ - By Just Using Promotional Videos

When it comes to real estate it’s all about location, location, and location. Close proximity to town area is the most demanding factor. Greet new customers or reconnect with existing ones with exciting videos.

Global Real Estate Monitor – Exploit
opportunities with marketing videos

Real Estate Videos – The Game Changers of the Industry

In the real estate industry, people will not finalize a deal like they decide to buy a watch from any online shop. Many factors contribute to a customer’s ultimate buying decision. Provide valuable information about a property in an easily digestible way. And help end users to take decisions without hesitation.

World urban population from 1950 to 2050

Expected Global construction output - US$15 trillion by 2025, up from US$8.7 trillion in 2012

5 Emerging markets in Asia will be the fastest growing region

sub-Saharan Africa is expected to be the second highest.

Source : United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division(2012).

Urbanization Prospects : The 2011 Revision.

By 2020, the 21st century’s great
migration to the cities will be well underway.

Some cities will grow and become creative hubs, generators of economic growth.
Others will destroy wealth, with poor infrastructure, slums and rampant crime.

Astonishing Facts on Real Estate Videos

Types of Videos Useful for Real Estate Industry

Information Videos

Interview Videos

Customer Testimony Videos

Real Estate Business Promotion


Local Business reviews

Community Videos

Neighborhood Videos

Realtors “About Us” Videos

Promotional Offer Videos

How-To Videos

How realtors can arrange a Situation Round for their best Buyers?

Realtors contact people and explain about a property.

After that they will send a video related to the property, explaining more about it.

Then will send a Video that explains the realtor's company and their services.

After that share the testimony videos with the prospects.

Later send videos related to post services they will receive from the realtors.

That’s all you are going to close the deal.

Five predictions for 2020 and beyond – in brief

1. The global investable real estate universe will expand substantially, leading to a huge expansion in opportunity, especially in emerging economies.

2. By 2050, investable real estate will have grown by more than 65% compared to 2012.

3. The greatest social migration of all time – chiefly in emerging economies – will drive the biggest ever construction surge.

4. Technology innovation and sustainability will be key drivers for value.

5. In many emerging economies, governments will take the lead in developing urban real estate and infrastructure.

Why Toon Expainers?

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. TOON EXPLAINERS, we make ideas happen!

Being the front runner in the industry of animated explainer video production, we know how to create effective explainer videos designed specifically for your business. We understand your target audience and know how to capture their attention. Our talented team of experts from various fields makes our videos stand out in the market. Our meticulous process of video making ensures a high standard of quality in our videos.

Each stage of our process, from script to animation, aims towards growing your business. Our explainer videos are well structured and in-line with what your business offers.

Choose The Video Styles You Want

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